Earlscliffe Live

On Tuesday 9th March at 09:30 GMT, Earlscliffe will be ‘going live’ with presentations and interviews with current students.

As well as a presentation on the school, we will also have presentations from 4 of our current Yr 13 students who are in the process of applying to top UK Universities. The zoom event, will give parents and agents the chance to chat with these students and also the Admissions team, and ask them questions about their time at Earlscliffe, how they have ben supported with their University applications and ask for advice on how other students can achieve their ambitions.

In attendance will be:-

Nicoleta from Romania, who is applying for Economics

Claudiana from Nigeria, who is applying for Medicine

Jaan from Estonia, who is applying for Mechanical Engineering

Kike from Italy, who is applying for Politics

The event will be recorded so parents and agents who are unavailable on Tuesday will be able to access it, and we will be very happy to arrange for other meetings with parents and students to discuss the possibility of joining Earlscliffe.

For more information, please email admissions@earlscliffe.couk


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