A large investment in 2012-16 saw a complete renovation and refurbishment of Earlscliffe.

We provide six boarding houses, three for girls and three for boys, all within easy walking distance of the main college. Most rooms are spacious twins with private WC and bathroom; each student has his or her own wardrobe and desk space, and all rooms are Wi-fi connected. The high standard of accommodation is attractive to today’s student, and all the more so given Earlscliffe’s beautiful Victorian façades. The classrooms and laboratory were also renovated and newly-equipped so that they provide a fresh, bright, yet intimate environment in which our students and staff go about their daily business.

All rooms and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis, and laundry is done on a weekly basis. All boarding houses have laundry rooms provided where students can wash, dry and iron their own clothes if they prefer.


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