Basketball Academy

The Basketball Academy offers students an elite-level basketball training and playing experience. In complement of their academic studies, students are able to push themselves on the court and create a pathway to higher education and/or employment. Our students often look to pursue a career as a professional sportsperson or in sports management.

Earlscliffe Basketball Academy students will become better players and gain an understanding of the importance of health and nutrition both within the sporting environment and as part of a modern lifestyle.

World Economic Forum 21st century skills targets

● Foundation literacies: Cultural Literacy, Civic Literacy
● Competencies: Critical thinking/problem solving, Communication, Collaboration
● Character qualities: Initiative, Persistence, Adaptability, Leadership, Social and Cultural
● awareness

Features of this Skills Academy Programme

● Daily training
● Regular competitive match play
● Professional coaching from Level 2 and Level 3 coaches
● Membership of Folkestone Saints Basketball Club
● One-to-one skills coaching
● The chance to gain qualifications in coaching and refereeing
● Sports Psychology sessions
● In-depth health and nutrition guidance and tracking
● Annual Team tour to the USA or Europe


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Sixth Form

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