A-levels are completed over two years, with final, externally administered exams taken at the end of the second year. Our A-level teaching is rigorous: we allocate nine lessons (6hrs 45 mins) to each main subject per week.

The A-level course is a two year programme with final ‘public’ exams only taken at the end of the course in May and June. Results are published by the external examination boards in mid-August. All Earlscliffe students will ordinarily choose four subjects at A-level. One of these four subjects would usually be a student’s own language. Almost all of the subjects on offer at Earlscliffe are seen as ‘traditional’ subjects and therefore readily accepted by the UK’s best universities. Students choose one subject from each of our option blocks A, B, C & E and may take an extra subject from D:

Block A: Art or Geography or History or Mathematics or Photography

Block B: Art or Business or Chemistry or Economics

Block C: Biology or Government and Politics or History of Art or Physics or Psychology

Block D: English Literature or Further Mathematics (taught for a minimum of 4 lessons per week)

Block E: Arabic or Chinese or French or German or Japanese or Polish or Portuguese or Russian or Spanish or Turkish or another language on request

Block F: IELTS tuition

Homework is completed in the evenings and at weekends. While many students do less homework on Saturdays, almost all use Sundays to do some serious, extended study in their own time.

Each A-level subject has an extended reading section, with books and texts recommended as additional reference material. Students have access to daily newspapers and weekly journals like ‘The Economist’, ‘The New Scientist’ and ‘The Spectator’ – titles they should be reading in their free time to improve their understanding of the wider issues relating to their academic subjects.

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