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Extra-curricular opportunities for all

A sample of activities available to students each week

A sample of activities available to students each week

This is a sample week and the activities change regularly depending on students’ interests, the time of year and cultural events taking place in and around the school.
£ = An event/activity that will be charged as an extra. All other activities are included.

When each student arrives, parents are asked to give a ‘limit’ to how much each student will be charged per term to ensure that, if requested, parents are informed of all activity costs beforehand. The average cost of an activity can range from £10 – £50 and may only be the cost of a short bus/train/taxi ride, whilst other events such as theatre trips or paintballing/go-karting activities could be a little more expensive.


Earlscliffe students have Wednesday afternoons, weekends and weekday evenings available for sports and activities.

Students play football, basketball, volleyball, squash, badminton and table tennis with one another each week. In the summer months, we also offer tennis and golf. The football team plays in a competitive league. There is also a gym and large indoor pool nearby, to which our students have free access.

All sports facilities are within walking distance, except for golf, which is a short drive away at Etchinghill Golf Club. Some of England’s greatest golf courses are on the Kent coast, including Royal St George’s at Sandwich, a regular British Open venue.


Earlscliffe is within walking distance of the new high-speed train link to London St Pancras.

As the journey takes only 55 minutes, we regularly visit the capital, especially on Wednesdays for musical theatre visits and gallery exhibitions.

Just as London has become so accessible for us, so has Europe. We have weekends away in Paris, with the train journey taking less than two hours, so we are ideally situated to benefit from the cultural riches of two of the great cities of the world. We also visit Bruges in Belgium and various destinations of cultural interest in northern France.

Once a term we have a college concert, where those who play or perform are encouraged to participate. The concert builds confidence and provides a platform for friends to appreciate each others’ talents.

We also sponsor an art exhibition of student and local artist work each year.

Again, given the accessibility of London, students may wish to go there at weekends to attend classical or rock concerts, operas, musicals and recitals.


We want all our students to commit to at least one term’s weekly service to others during their two years with us.

Apart from benefiting others less fortunate, able or mobile, this experience shows our students exactly how they can help other people, and that giving time instead of money can, more often than not, be more effective – and certainly more rewarding. Earlscliffe students volunteer for up to two hours per week in local homes for the elderly, hospitals, schools and charity shops.

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