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We intend to provide students with the best academic preparation for entry into the world’s most competitive universities. We aim to offer a breadth of experience and a variety of rigorous supplementary activities. Earlscliffe is a small residential college where we offer support and encouragement to all our students. We want our students to attain their academic aims and objectives, forge lasting friendships and leave us as self-motivated young men and women to lead gloriously busy lives.

We aim to provide an arena of academic stimulus, intellectual rigour, cultural enrichment, vigorous internationalism and ultimately, personal success, in which our students perform to their very best abilities.

Furthermore, at Earlscliffe we want students to have fun when learning: the American Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman said, “the highest forms of understanding we can achieve are laughter and human compassion.”


Earlscliffe seeks to admit suitably qualified and motivated students to its A Level programme. Most students will wish to complete the two year programme and a minority will wish to spend a year studying at As Level before returning to their own country. Earlscliffe may admit highly able students at 15 yrs old, ie a year early if it is to the student’s advantage. Earlscliffe reserves the right to refuse admission without giving a reason.

Earlscliffe will support visa nationals in their Tier 4 applications according to all UKVI criteria. If Earlscliffe suspects visa malpractice all relevant information will be passed to UKVI authorities.

No student is officially admitted to the college without all financial obligations being met.

Students must participate in the new student Orientation Week at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term.

For all admissions enquiries please contact:

Travel to and from Earlscliffe

We can arrange collection of students from any airport or rail station. This would be carried out by the college’s approved transport providers. A fee is payable. To arrange this service please contact:


Please contact us for a full schedule of operational and regulatory policies or one or more policies in particular that you may wish to review in detail.


Students must behave responsibly at all times and follow all rules accordingly to the: respect for all students and staff; care of property and possessions; use of alcohol and illegal substances; expected behaviours in college rooms and accommodation; restricted access to female/male accommodation as relevant; observing all curfews; spending time away from college, ie weekends with relevant authorisation; correct introduction of guests and visitors on to college premises; use of gardens; playing of music; representing Earlscliffe either in college or at external events; observance of UK law. Students and parents must recognise that Earlscliffe reserves the right to suspend or expel any student who it believes has brought the college into disrepute and/or whose actions significantly impact upon the well-being, academic and pastoral, of other students. There is a right of appeal. Earlscliffe may carry out drug/alcohol tests on any of its students and staff in accordance with its policies.


Students must be punctual. Students must attend all lessons and complete all work set according to deadlines. Students must be present for Friday afternoon TRaC™ tests. Students must adhere to external examination rules and regulations including public examination coursework, practical and controlled test deadlines. Teaching staff will issue deadline dates and prepare students accordingly but is each student’s own responsibility to meet such deadlines, as it is to attend examinations. Academic honesty is paramount. Earlscliffe may report to examination boards any suspected plagiarism or malpractice after an internal review and may withdraw a student from an examination or examination suite as a result. Earlscliffe expects its students to show high levels of personal academic motivation and ambition.


Earlscliffe is not a liberal environment in which students may come and go as they please. Students are expected to adhere to all residential rules and guidelines. The House Managers are responsible for a student’s care and well-being throughout their time as a residential student. All students should follow the daily timetable and attend meals as expected. The House Managers will check each room each night to spend a few minutes with each student. Earlscliffe is a small college and we value our personalised approach to student welfare.

Students will have keys to their rooms and are responsible for their possessions at all times and should arrange appropriate insurance.

Items of value may be handed over to the House Managers for safe-keeping in our secure storage facility.

Pocket money may be transferred by a parent to our account. Students with credit cards are advised to take care when keeping and using such items and must never lend them to others or divulge PIN numbers. Students may open UK bank accounts.

Each student will be registered with the local GP (doctor). Special professional counselling may be arranged with the parents’ consent.

Students have access to our local WiFi connection at Earlscliffe but must adhere to our Electronic Data Policy and sign the relevant agreement. Students may bring laptops to Earlscliffe.

Earlscliffe staff may access student rooms to carry out a search of the room or maintenance thereof.

Students are not permitted to have fridges, mini-ovens, microwaves or any electric appliance in a student room which the college may deem either potentially dangerous or unsuitable.

The House Managers can be contacted by landline, mobile ‘phone or e-mail:

Sports, Culture and Service

Students are expected to participate fully in this area of Earlscliffe life and academic, sports and pastoral staff will deliver, arrange and monitor such activities, making sure each student achieves a healthy and constructive balance of activity each term.

University entrance

Most Earlscliffe students are aiming for entry into some of the UK’s and indeed the world’s top universities and as such competition for places will be intense. Parents, students and Earlscliffe staff must be ambitious yet realistic. If a student has specific aims prior to coming to the UK these must be declared on admission so that a plan may be actioned if appropriate.

Parents and students must accept that the Earlscliffe Mid-Course Summer is an essential part of the two year programme and all efforts must be made to achieve much in this summer period, according to the college’s suggestions and individual aims for each student.

Dress code

Students are expected to adhere to our dress code at all times (see Behaviour Policy).

Term dates

These are published well in advance of the commencement of each academic year. Students must observe the official start and finish dates of half-term and full term periods. Flight availability is not accepted as an extenuating circumstance.

Leave of absence

For a student’s weekend leave a parent must submit a signed request at least 72hrs in advance of the Friday evening or Saturday morning supplying all details accordingly. Leave of absence during the working week may only be requested (in writing) under exceptional circumstances, ie family wedding etc and with at least a week’s notice.


These are payable as per Terms and Conditions. The college reserves the right to refuse admission or continued study to any student whose fees have not been paid in full prior to the start of each term. For accounts queries and fee clarifications parents can contact Julie Fish


Please follow our Complaints Policy. It is hoped that a complaint can be resolved swiftly, amicably and effectively. Please contact Tim Fish

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