Frequent, high-quality teaching contact time is essential to A-Level achievement.

We teach in small groups, with an average of nine to each class, so each one of our students receives the individual attention he or she needs, while gaining the benefits of learning in a group.

Key to our success is the amount of teaching allocated to most A-level subjects: nine contact lessons gives a total of 6hrs 45mins of valuable time in class per subject each week. We believe that contact time is a more effective way of filling the working week than ‘study time’ or so-called ‘free’ periods.

Young people come to Earlscliffe knowing they will work hard and receive all the help and guidance required to achieve their goals. Academic success comes as a result of ongoing support combined with rigour. We allocate intensive, lesson-based teaching to each chosen subject, and this is complemented by a student’s own dedication outside the classroom.

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