University Foundation Year (UFY)

For students who have completed their own country’s formal secondary school leaving certificate or qualification(s). Students must be at least 17yrs+ by 01 September preceding the course start date. Students must have attained a minimum English Language level of IELTS 5.0 or equivalent prior to starting the course. Our English and Mathematics entry tests must be taken by applicants.

Our aim

This is to prepare students fully for UK undergraduate life at some of the country’s very best universities.

The course structure

Two pathways: the Sciences and the Humanities

The Humanities

• English Language and preparation for IELTS
• The Extended Project Qualification (AQA)
• History (2 modules) or Mathematics (3 modules)
• Economics (2 modules)
• Politics (2 modules)
• Completion of a relevant Oxford University DCE day or weekend course

The Sciences

• English Language and preparation for IELTS
• The Extended Project Qualification (AQA)
• Mathematics (3 modules)
• Chemistry (3 modules)
• Biology or Physics (3 modules)
• Attendance at the annual University of Cambridge Science Festival (March) (min 2 workshops)

IELTS and the EPQ are externally graded. Humanities entrants are also internally assessed on essay work and Sciences entrants on internal exams. The Final UFY grade will be awarded at Pass (40%), Merit (65%) or Distinction (85%).

Universities may make conditional offers through UCAS as follows, for example:

• Candidate must attain an overall score of at least 65% on the University Foundation Year course
• A minimum overall score of 6.5 in IELTS
• At least a C grade in the EPQ

This is purely for illustration. Some universities will include the EPQ in any conditional offer and others will not.

The Earlscliffe University Foundation Year (UFY) gives students a choice of pathways yet each is underpinned with serious academic content and assessment, thereby giving leading universities both confidence in its integrity and in their decisions to make our UFY students conditional offers.

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